It Takes an Army

It takes an army to fulfill God’s vision in the earth. Leaders are the filtration system of the heart and vision. Leaders in the Bible were selected. In Numbers 11:24-25 we read how God put the spirit of Moses into his leaders. It is highly important that those who serve have your heart. Your ministry will reproduce after its own kind. Ministry begins in the heart of men. I pray that you will be reconnected with the passion that got you started in the first place. Growth, expansion, and building better people are the plans and purpose of ministry. Let’s mobilize a great army!


  1. Serve with the spirit of excellence-Be an expert at what you do. Take your service seriously. Find ways to be better and more effective in the capacities that you serve. Surround yourself with people who can do the things you can’ Build a great ministry with a great team/army.


  1. Delegation without supervision is suicidal-
    1. Delegation doesn’t mean you don’t keep a pulse on what is going on in your ministry.
    2. You need to know those who are loyal to you as a leader, and who are loyal to the “” There is a difference. Your placement of duties greatly hinges on the heart of each person. You can have faithful people who will work hard, but maybe more loyal to the cause than the leader.


  1. Build your ministry with the future in mind– Think “Trans-Generational Ministry, building something to span for generations to come.


  1. Hard work will never replace passion- Your passion will motive and mobilize an army for the Kingdom of God.